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Teresa Blouse

$140.00 $70.00

100% Linen letter print Shirt

One Size

Teresa, Esencia Entre Hilos has no size. We are born from love, from that unconditional love that is limitless and does not judge. That is why we do not feel that we should assign a number, a size, or a label. Our mothers would never constrain us like that. We are unique and we know how much it hurts to be limited and defined by a number.
We do not want anyone to feel forced to fit in and we hope everyone feels safe in their own body regardless of their size. That is why we do not judge or put a number. We are aware that changing size affects us (from the bottom up, it does not matter).
Teresa Esencia Entre Hilos just wants to make you feel like a mother would and encourage you to be confident in your body regardless of size or number, just being yourself.