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Who is Teresa?

Who is Teresa?

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We are born from the fear of forgetting his memory; Teresa, Esencia Entre Hilos.

This is the life story of two women separated by life, but united by the same essence, the same gene, the same disease and a lifetime of memories, intertwined between threads that come from the womb and that today they are reflected in fabrics that the threads are interwoven like the warp and the weft.

This is my mom, Teresa. A woman who represents that maternal love, so unconditional, so present, that she does not judge and only loves without limits. That she always in her verses and diaries wanted to give strength and temperance, longings; some compliments and others that remain to be fulfilled, she sculpted and dreamed of a strong and happy daughter.

Today you are taking in this box that remembrance of a woman who was a mother who has crossed the barrier of time and this earthly plane.

I introduce them to an important part of my life. Our life.