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Teresa Team

Teresa Team


Johana Rojas

Designer with an emphasis on communication and product from the Universidad de Los Andes, image consultant and personal shopper at Conde Nast College Spain with fashion marketing and coolhunting courses at Central Saint Martins in London, Founder of Ocre & Arco and Ocre & Arco mini. She is a survivor of 3 primary cancers, an amputee, with prosthesis, daughter, friend, cousin, stepdaughter, niece, and immensely happy.

Teresa's creator, she is between threads as a tribute to the death of her mother and to cancer that has united them all their lives, a tribute that she receives thanks to her ability to create and design for others. Since she was little, she was passionate about fashion and how we use it to express feelings, movements, and even some historical period; it is the first layer and the easiest way for someone to know a little about the other person and understand some social, emotional and physical contexts. Someone's. She sees fashion and design as a vehicle to express herself, and in honor of her mother, her first project as a fashion designer is Teresa, esencia entre hilos.

Gemny Acevedo

Johana's stepmother and second mother, as well as her right hand and unconditional friend. Gemny is a fundamental part of Teresa's story, essence between threads, she is in charge of everything being executed, that all the ideas and what Johana creates are carried out, she is in charge of talking with the maquilas, embroiderers, and all those related that the production of the brand is perfect. She is the wife and stepmother of some Rojas who sometimes give her gray hair, but over the years, they have become happier trio when they are together.